Mara Macie's Issue's & Concerns

Border Security & Immigration

Our nation needs to be focused on securing our own border, not sending our troops and resources to fight foreign wars. Open border policies have led to devastating and disastrous outcomes for human rights, such as human and sex trafficking, and have left us vulnerable to terrorism on US soil. Rather than using our taxpayer dollars to assist illegal immigrants, we need to remove anyone without a valid legal claim to remain in the United States. A moratorium on immigration, with limited exceptions, is absolutely necessary.


Election Integrity

Our elections have been questioned by people in all parties for decades. We need to implement laws to ensure that our elections are free and fair. The power belongs to the people and we must take a look at our current campaign laws to determine how we can make elections more transparent and a reflection of their will rather than the will of lobbyists and special interest groups. Federal elections need to be protected by conforming laws to have national elections run the same way throughout the country.



Medical Freedom & Mandates

After over 20 years of service, Mara’s husband is one of many service members involved in a lawsuit against the DoD over the shot mandate and its violation of religious rights of service members. In addition, an FDA approved vaccine, as defined by law, remains unavailable, which violates several laws requiring all vaccines mandated to be taken by service members to be FDA approved rather than authorized under emergency use. The administrative state has worked in collaboration with several agencies to push the narrative that the current Covid-19 shots are safe and effective. Furthermore, they have intentionally used language to imply that the available shots are FDA approved.

Our medical choices, especially when referring to experimental treatments, are not to be mandated by any form of government. Under no circumstances should any agency be able to override our Constitution and mandate how Americans live. Legislators have a purpose in our country and it is time that power is returned to them and taken away from those looking to impose mandates, whether federally, at the state level, or at the municipal level. Requiring proof of a medical record in order to live a normal life in America is unacceptable.


Military & Veterans

We are seeing a disturbing inability to recruit and retain military service members. Insertion of politics and ideologies, forcing experimental medical products, out of touch senior leadership, and declining pay increases in relation to inflation, deter healthy young Americans from considering joining our Armed Services. Additionally, veterans at alarming rates have relayed that they would not want their own children to serve after witnessing the direction in which our military has gone. Our force needs to prioritize defense mission readiness for national interests rather than training on how to forcefully make people accept and celebrate other member’s lifestyles and choices. We need to restore values and camaraderie in our military, focusing on unity rather than differences, and ensure our military and veterans get the care they earned.



All Americans have been led to believe that there are politicians committing crimes and that there is overwhelming evidence of such crimes. Yet, for some reason, we never have accountability as we would expect if everyday citizens were charged with such crimes. This conveys that either we are being lied to about such criminal activity to create a narrative or that politicians and other government officials are exempt from punishments that we would be unlikely to escape. Rules for thee, but not for me. We need honesty, transparency, and accountability rather than the corruption which sets to divide the American people. Term limits would reign in the ability for our leaders to benefit from cronyism and insider favors. Additionally, the American people should not be the target of weaponized government agencies. Any agency that is spending time and resources going after law-abiding citizens who have Constitutional rights to their beliefs and speech, should be dismantled.


Term Limits

Career politicians have created a system in which the constituents are no longer the priority. These establishment politicians, from both sides, often compromise on issues that they believe their constituents may not notice in order to benefit themselves or special interest groups. This prioritizes the establishment and its power, over the American people. We need elected officials that not only represent their electors but also that want to and plan on returning to be among the electors, rather than using a position of elected power to enrich themselves. Term limits will help to prevent the ability for long term corruption and will assist to have patriots representing his or her neighbors on a consistent rotating basis which will keep the elected leader more in tuned with the voters.