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Smaller government where the power resides with us.

✓ Strong national defense, not offense.

Integrity in our elections.

An end to uncontrollable and unsustainable spending.



Mara on The Canadian Independent

WATCH: The wife of a U.S. Navy whistleblower speaks with The Canadian Independent to discuss her husband’s leaked internal Department of Defense cardiac data, which gained widespread attention, and to

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Mara on Ann Vandersteel

Nattokinase has been lauded as the wonder supplement to cure the effects of the COVID spike protein. Many famous medical freedom doctors are pushing this OTC supplement without doing blood

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"America First, grassroots conservatives no longer consent to being governed by the establishment. We the people must take back our country and this starts with dismissing career politicians."

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About Mara

Mara grew up in Weston, Massachusetts, a small town near Boston. She comes from a long line of military service members and law enforcement officers. This includes her grandfathers who were both police officers and served in WWII, several uncles and cousins in law enforcement and great grandparents serving in the military as far back as the Revolutionary War.

Her husband of 17 years, Ted Macie, is an active-duty Naval Officer and a DoD whistleblower, having exposed DMED data shining a light on a unusually high increase in some diagnoses in the past 2 years. They have been working tirelessly fighting against shot mandates since August of 2021.

mara macie for congress

Mara and her siblings own a golf management company which they grew up working for. Mara was mainly focused on the hospitality management side of the family business but enjoyed working alongside her sister on the golf side as well. Mara’s work ethic and dedication led her to simultaneously work hospitality both in and outside of the family business prior to marrying Ted and moving in typical military fashion.

Since marriage, Mara has focused her life on providing a safe and stable home for her husband, and their four children, despite the regular moves. While Mara has always followed national politics, she never previously aspired to run for a political position. Mara now sees the current political climate as a threat to the future of younger generations and believes that she needed to become active to help secure American liberties. Over the past two years she has been very involved in political and advocacy groups in Florida. In these groups she works to educate voters and bring attention to issues that go under the radar.

Since her children have always been her priority, she feels it is her duty to continue to be directly involved by providing an alternative to establishment politicians and repairing the failures created within both the Republican Party and the country. Mara believes that we need to get back to America First policies to save our nation for future generations.

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mara macie for congress

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Mara Macie for congress

America's Veteran Party

Nocatee Conservative Club

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